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electrons around an atom's nucleus (see our Chemical Reactions module for more information).

3) Protons carry a positive electric charge, electrons carry a negative electric charge, and neutrons carry no charge. Keep these facts in mind when listening to all of the contestants. BUUUUUUUT, Hydrogen atoms that have no overall charge also have an electron, which is negative.

This play is used after students have learned the basic structure of atoms and the general layout of the periodic table.

It also comes after students have learned the basics of ionic and covalent bonding. This article has a really neat game show about chemical bonding that students can act out.

I think that the healthy middle point for the stance of obese people is to not judge their character by it, but recognize that it is a health hazard.

"Fat-shaming" is bad, but being pro-fat is promoting something that isn't healthy.

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