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"Reprint" is a high-quality photocopy; most are cut and bound to original size. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHECKS BEFORE CONTACTING ME EITHER BY E-MAIL, SNAIL-MAIL OR PHONE.

More improvements came when Kodak introduced the Retina I, the first camera to use a modern 135 film cartridge.You click on the link supplied and you can enter your credit card information.I will also accept check or money order, or Pay Pal.Having never opened up a Rolleiflex before, I was still apprehensive, but when I was told I could take it home for I quickly produced my debit card!Even if I destroyed the camera attempting to fix it, I could recoup my outlay by selling the orginal lens cap that it came with!

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I already have two Automats, but I still gave it a quick once over. He went to the back room and returned with a 1956 Rolleiflex 3.5 E with Carl Zeiss Planar lens.