Fines for backdating

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Fines for backdating

* Westlaw is used in examples below, but user experience will be similar for other Web-based Thomson Reuters applications such as Practical Law, Westlaw Tax, Westlaw International,, My Account, Quick View , and more.A One Pass profile is the online record of the username and password you personally select to access Thomson Reuters Westlaw.Partington, then a director of Staffordshire firm Garner Canning, authorised the amendment in the summer of 2013 in relation to the £80,000 purchase of a south Wales supermarket.

Since tax agencies calculate payments based on the check date, not the pay period date, late paychecks will often result in a late payment to state or federal agencies.Important: Any fees, penalties or interest due to the agency will be your responsibility.Assisted Payroll customers may also have to pay service fees for filing amendments.Can I use the same One Pass profile for multiple products and websites?Yes, your One Pass username and password will allow you to access multiple Thomson Reuters products and websites that use One Pass for authentication. Please note that if you save both your username and password and you access sensitive public records content, you will be asked to enter your password again.

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This re-authentication process will only be required once per session.

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