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In addition to confirmed relationships, there have been rumors about the actor dating many other people, including Sandra Bullock, Autumn Macintosh, Emma Kearney, Claire Forlani and Kelli Garner.Continue Reading In addition, some people say that Keanu Reeves has dated Lynn Collins, Diane Keaton, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, Martha Higareda and Winona Ryder. Since we don’t know her name, can I call her Carmen? He seems happy (because I’m projecting) and I’m happy if he’s happy. As of October 2015, his latest girlfriend was Jamie Clayton.The couple has been spotted together in July 2015, but they separated in September 2015.

The birth of still born baby became the reason to get separate from each other. Unfortunately a year later Jennifer was murdered in a car accident and then his life was surrounded by grief. In addition, Reeves is linked to several beauties of the industry.While some assumed she was his new significant other, no credible or definite reports confirmed their relationship afterwards.(With that extensive list of women he’s supposedly “dated,” Reeves could have very well held the door for this woman and the paparazzi would’ve declared her his new love!“I spent my last vacation with him when I was 13 years old,” Keanu said in a 2002 interview. Then we didn’t hear anything from him for 10 years. “And I wasn’t the best student but I don’t remember having trouble fitting in.“On our last day we sat on the veranda and stared at the dark sky. No calls, no letters, nothing.”Internet theorists would contend that sorrow stalks Reeves: that he lost his best friend River Phoenix when the pair were barely out of their teens, that as a child he was moved around from city to city, all the while struggling with dyslexia and academic underachievement. I kind of blended in.”In January 2000 Reeves and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, 29, buried their child, a girl named Ava, who had been stillborn at 8 months.

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A couple of weeks ago, Keanu was papped outside the Chateau Marmont kissing a woman before getting into a car with her and driving off.

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