Madison hildebrand dating who is gene kelly dating

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Madison hildebrand dating

One of the best things with leaving the show is that I, all of the sudden, had an incredible amount of time.

Then I have days when I have good energy, I've read the newspaper and I've done different things.After six complete seasons, where we have rigorous schedules, it just came to a point where I felt like it was enough for me.It was becoming too dramatic for the wrong reasons and thought, at the time, it wasn’t the best environment for me to be in.I also think if Madison would only get over himself to talk to her like an adult when shes not working to get her side and clear the air.I'm sure she'd find it nice to be able to talk for once without his sophomoric verbal assaults and I think it would be possible to work together if he just shut up and listened as well as finding a nice way to explain he was scared she was trying to screw him over.

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I would rate the show a 7-8 but the previous review was too low since a mature no drama show of middle to late aged realtors would not have an audience of more than half a million so some immaturity and drama is needed.