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We use subject pronouns as subject of the verb: I like your dress. He is my friend It is raining She is on holiday We live in England. We use object pronouns: • as the object of the verb: Can you help me please? All the best, Kirk The Learn English Team Hello abdulhaqcivil1, The verb in those sentences is in the imperative form. The imperative has an implied subject ('you') which is not usually stated.International organizers will pay a wire-transfer fee for each disbursement (your funds are disbursed every three weeks).

Sometimes living paycheck to paycheck can result in unforeseen situations where you need to borrow money fast.

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We saw them in town yesterday, but they didn’t see us. Or if you can't find it here, you are welcome to ask us for help in finding more information about it.

You could also use one of the sections in Listen & Watch to see how people use English to communicate, and then when there is some grammar you want to learn more about, you can look for it here.

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