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Reason why he disappeared dating

“If it’s your college roommate’s cousin or you met them from work, he or she probably won’t ghost,” says Sussman.

That’s because your mutual friends would give the guy a hard time if he simply ditched you, or because knowing he’ll have to face you at the office forces the guy to end things at least somewhat amicably.

It’s called “ghosting”: when you’re in a relationship with a guy and then—pfft! In general, part of the blame may lie in how we communicate and even how we meet people these days.

A few years ago, I started hanging out with this guy I met through a mutual friend.

We hit it off immediately and got along really well.

After a short time, he disappeared completely without warning— only to reappear six months later with guess what… It definitely wasn’t a love connection, so my best guess about why he texted after months was that he wanted to see if I would even respond at all and… If your breakup was one-sided, say, he knows that you wanted to keep the relationship going but he didn’t, it can simply feel good to call you and remind himself that someone (anyone) cares for him.

This reason is usually subconscious and for sure, unflattering to you, but it’s a really common reason for a guy to come back months later. This also happens with family members, acquaintances you haven’t seen for a while, etc.

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Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I had to look no further than my own friends, and my own dating dalliances for cases that would give me some insight into what I call The Casper Effect. " As many of us know from experience, of people to that -- I'm guessing lots of women, too.