Rss feed not updating in iweb Greek sex chat sites

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Rss feed not updating in iweb

i Web allowed users to create websites and blogs and customize them with their own text, photos and movies.

Users could then publish their websites to Mobile Me or another hosting service.

Next, click on the icon with the chain link and copy the code under Paste HTML to embed in website.

i Web sites are built one page at a time, with each element of each new page frequently needing to be hand-tuned to look just right.

Great for small sites with only a few pages to maintain, particularly if each page is one of the pre-canned page types where design elements are intended to be radically different from page to page.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Now that Mobile Me has been discontinued, you might have noticed that the Google Maps widget that is included in i Web will no longer display correctly.

Instead, you might see just a piece of that Mobile Me is closed sign.

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Now, back in i Web, drag an HTML snippet onto your page, and paste the code. If you want the map on multiple pages on your site, click the respective page, drag and drop the HTML Snippet, and once again paste the code.

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