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(You know, the one who ends up back at the lodge well before lunchtime.) We’ve done the research for you and found the 10 essential pieces of clothing you’ll need for the slopes this season.

From natural merino wool insulation to specialized venting systems, these items will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable while you play in the snow.

On , SSN broadcast the Conference National play-off Final between Exeter City and Morecambe.

This was the first live match to be shown on the channel since certain European games involving British teams were shown to provide exclusivity when competing with the then operational On Sports (owned by ITV) as Sky Sports News was not available at that time via digital terrestrial platforms.

Ideal for single travellers or for the budget conscious.

visit site» Singles ski and snowboard holidays for people skiing on their own or if a single room is needed as part of a group trip.

Tabs at the bottom of the screen give unrelated information on a wide range of sports, while a sidebar also shows unrelated league tables or other information.

| ski/snowboard | singles skiing |Europe | Lapland | Ski and snowboard vacations for singles and solo travellers throughout the US, providing a hosted singles program for skiers choosing to travel alone.

German, Portuguese and Spanish adapt the word to their linguistic rules; "Schifahren"/"Schilaufen" (however there is a form- Ski), "esqui" and "esquí".

Many languages make a verb form out of the noun, such as "to ski" in English, "skier" in French, "esquiar" in Portuguese and Spanish, "sciare" in Italian, or "schifahren" (as above) in German which is not possible in Norwegian.

In Swedish, a close relation to Norwegian, the word is "skidor" (pl.).

Finnish has its own ancient words for skis and skiing. The Sami also have their own words for skis and skiing.

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